Feel free to email us (info@porcupineelectronics.com) with your questions.  Here are some that we have heard more than once:

Q: Does the LR4 work with the Fluke 419D Measurement Tool?

A: No, it does not.  Our LR4 board only works with the Fluke 414D.  The 419D uses a completely different internal design.

Q: Can I use more than one LR4 attached to a single Windows PC?

A:  Yes.  Each LR4 contains a unique serial number, so it's easy to identify each LR4 in the system.  The sample software contains a sample app called LrMulti.  This app demonstrates how to use more than one LR4.

Q: I'm planning on using the LR4 with an embedded microcontroller, is there a more simple way to interface than using the USB port?

A: The LR4 has a logic level serial port - see the LR4 data sheet (above) for details.  You can connect +5V, Gnd, Rx, and Tx to the LR4 and easily interface the LR4 with Arduino, PIC, or any embedded processor that has a serial port.  Note: The LR4's serial port is not a full 12V RS232 compatible interface.  If you are interfacing the LR4 to a standard RS232 port, then you will need to use a MAX3232 type level shifter.

Q: Does the LR4 work under Linux?

A: Yes.  Since the LR4 is a generic USB Human Interface Device (HID), it will work well with Linux using Linux USB HID drivers that are present in most builds.  Unfortunately we don't have any reference software to demonstrate LR4 operation under Linux, but there are many good Linux USB HID resources on the web.  Here are a couple:

Also see our sample software.