PiSense Enviro Sensor

The PiSense Enviro sensor tracks several environmental parameters by capturing a measurement every ten seconds.  Measurements are sent to the PiSense Hub for logging and display.

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Ambient Temperature

Range: -40 to 85 degrees C

Accuracy (above 25C): +/- 1 degree C

Accuracy (below 25C): +/- 2 degrees C

Relative Humidity

Range: 0% to 100% to relative humidy

Accuracy: +/- 3% RH

Barometric Pressure

Range: 50 to 115 kPa

Accuracy (-20C to 85C): +/- 1 kPa

Light Intensity

Range: 0 to 100 kLux

Accuracy: +/- 0.4 kLux

Battery Level

Range: 0% to 100%

Accuracy: +/- 3%


Takes two standard AA batteries.  Can also be powered by a 4 to 12V external supply.

Battery Life

Under normal conditions battery life is two years.