PiSense Hub

The PiSense Hub connects to your RaspberryPi and serves as the cornerstone of the PiSense sensor network, receiving data from remote sensors and logging that data to your Raspberry Pi's SD card.  Even a small SD card provides almost limitless logging capacity.

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Easy Install

The PiSense Hub plugs directly into your Raspberry Pi's GPIO port.  It is powered by the RasPi and communicates with PiSense software running on the RasPi over the serial port signals on the GPIO header.

Powerful Technology

The Hub transforms your RaspberryPi into the central node of an advanced wireless sensor network.  The Hub and sensors use next generation 2.4GHz digital radios integrated with a low power CPU to achieve both low power and long range.

Low Profile

The PiSense Hub fits close to the RaspberryPi with only the antenna extending above the Ethernet and USB connectors.  This allows your RasPi with the hub to fit into most standard enclosures by adding a just one hole for the hub's antenna.